Fröling wood gasification boilers - pellet boilers - wood chip heating systems

At Reitbauer Haustechnik, you have the opportunity to purchase high-quality wood gasification boilers, combination boilers, and pellet boilers and benefit from our fair pricing. As a partner of the manufacturer Fröling, we offer you a diverse selection of products that allow you to meet your heating system needs. Browse our range and inquire about a non-binding price quote for the desired heating systems.

Fröling - Your Complete Supplier for the Boiler Room

Fröling has earned a reputation as a leading complete supplier for the boiler room. With an extensive product range, the company offers a wide range of log wood, wood chip, and pellet heating systems that meet the needs of residential households, commercial businesses, and industrial facilities. The range extends from small boilers for single and multi-family houses to powerful industrial systems capable of heating large building complexes and industrial applications.

Fröling places special emphasis on innovative storage systems that enable efficient use of the generated heat. From buffer tanks that store excess heat and release it when needed to hygienic hot water preparation and the integration of solar energy, Fröling offers tailor-made solutions for different requirements. These systems not only contribute to increased efficiency but also to resource conservation and the reduction of environmental impacts.

In addition to the heating systems, Fröling's extensive product range also includes various types of fuel storage and discharge systems. These systems enable efficient and practical storage of fuels such as wood pellets, log wood, or wood chips. By optimizing the use of available storage space, customers can efficiently and space-savingly stockpile their fuels.

Fröling's comprehensive range of services is another outstanding feature of the company. From initial consultation and detailed planning to professional implementation and reliable customer service, Fröling stands by its customers in every phase. The experienced team at Fröling supports customers in selecting the appropriate heating system, plans the installation according to individual needs, and ensures proper implementation. Even after installation, Fröling provides comprehensive customer service, available for maintenance, repairs, and all other questions related to the heating system.

In-House Production for Top Quality

The high quality of Fröling's products and services is based on in-house production in its own factories in Austria and Germany. With many years of experience, solid expertise, and state-of-the-art technology, Fröling's heating systems are manufactured with the highest precision and care. Every detail is handled with passion and dedication to ensure top quality.

An International Focus

Thanks to its high product quality and innovation, Fröling has become an international focal point. Fröling's wood heating systems are successfully deployed in many countries around the world and enjoy great demand. Installers, planners, architects, energy consultants, and chimney sweeps from all over the world participate in expert training at Fröling's academy branches to experience the quality and efficiency of the products and services firsthand. Fröling has earned an excellent reputation as a reliable partner and innovator in the field of modern wood heating technology.

Highest Customer Satisfaction

Fröling, the pioneer in biomass boilers, has always focused on the highest quality and optimal customer care. This commitment has now been reaffirmed by the award of the prestigious "Highest Customer Satisfaction 2023" quality seal.

Fröling excelled in this competition with its outstanding reputation in the industry and many years of experience. Customers appreciate not only the quality of Fröling's biomass boilers but also the first-class customer service provided to them. The company places great importance on delivering not only top-quality products but also optimal support throughout the entire purchasing and utilization process.

The award of the "Highest Customer Satisfaction 2023" quality seal underscores Fröling's success in meeting the needs and expectations of its customers. The company remains true to its long-standing tradition and continues to prioritize highest quality, innovative solutions, and excellent customer service to strengthen its position as a leading complete supplier for the boiler room.