Hargassner wood gasification boiler - pellet boiler - wood chips

At Reitbauer Haustechnik you can purchase quality wood gasification boilers, combi boilers & pellet boilers and benefit from our fair pricing. Browse the manufacturer and ask Reitbauer Haustechnik for a non-binding price quote. To the website: Hargassner

Biomass systems for every need

Hargassner has the right heating system for every power requirement. From single and multi-family houses to large-scale plants for apartment buildings, guest houses, hoteliers, public buildings, wood-processing and large agricultural operations. In terms of combustion technology, control and mechanics, they set the standards for modern and comfort-oriented pellet, wood chip and lump heating systems.

We offer you the all-round package from the boiler to the optimal storage room solution, from the compact fuel boiler to the powerful combined heat and power unit.