Junkers Bosch air/water heat pumps

At Reitbauer Haustechnik you can purchase quality Bosch air-to-water heat pumps and benefit from our fair pricing. Browse the manufacturer and ask Reitbauer Haustechnik for a non-binding price quote. To the website: Bosch

Bosch air-to-water heat pumps can be used easily and with little technical effort. In combination with a suitable storage tank, they also ensure a high level of hot water comfort. They also work effortlessly with a Bosch solar system or other heat source.

The Junkers heat pump can be purchased ground source heat pump or air source heat pump. In the case of ground source heat pumps, surface collectors, ground probes or wells are used to tap heat from the ground. In contrast, an air-source heat pump uses ambient air as an energy source. For heating modernization, the manufacturer's hybrid solutions in particular are an innovative idea. These combine classic combustion heating with environmentally friendly heat pump technology.