BWT E1 Domestic water station HWS 1" with pressure reducer

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BWT E1 filters - more hygienic, convenient and safe than ever before. There are many filters on the market - all variants are state of the art to keep particles such as rust particles and sand grains away from the house installation.


The installation of a filter in every domestic installation is even mandatory according to relevant standards. But the installation alone is only half the battle, because all filters unfortunately have one thing in common: the filter elements are not regularly backwashed or changed, because it is often too complicated.

And that is a major problem for the hygiene of drinking water pipes. BWT has developed an ingenious solution for this: The BWT E1 single-lever filter - a protective filter with innovative convenience and hygiene benefits. Replacing the hygiene retainer (which is the filter cup with the filter element) is so easy that consumers can do it themselves in just a few seconds.

  • Household water station with integrated pressure reducer
  • Protects water-carrying devices from particles
  • Easy and quick replacement of the filter element under 30 seconds
  • No touching of parts that come into contact with drinking water
  • 10-year warranty (if registered)

Stop from unwanted intruders
The installation of a drinking water filter makes sense, because it creates a barrier at the house water entrance for unwanted visitors. But what many do not know: the installation of a DVGW-/ÖVGW-tested filter is even required by law (DIN 1988)!

Installation directly in the domestic water installation
A drinking water filter is installed after the water meter and prevents directly at the point of entry of water into the house the penetration of impurities.

Protection from Particles & Contaminants
Dirt particles cause dripping faucets, attack pipes and cause damage to household appliances. In the worst case, corrosion can even cause pipes to burst.

Best drinking water hygiene
Particles deposited in pipes are an ideal breeding ground for germs. A protective filter keeps foreign particles out, ensuring clean pipes and hygienic water.


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